Olivier Ali

Theoretical & Computational Biophysics

Inria Research Associate | Team Mosaic - RDP Lab - ENS de Lyon

Mail:  olivier.ali@inria.fr         

Short Bio.

Physicist by training , my scientific interests lie in the formalization of complex biological systems; with a special emphasis on developmental processes. My recent work focus on the interplay between tissue mechanics, riemannian geometry & system biology. I'd like to understand to what extend mechanical stresses within tissues can be used by cells as geometrical cues during morphogenesis.

I am currently a research associate within the Mosaic team @ Inria (french national research institute in applied mathematics & computer sciences). Our team's goal is to develop theoretical approaches & computational tools to study morphogenesis of multicellular systems, with a emphasis on plants. To that end, we are part of the RDP lab (Plant Developmental Biology) @ ENS de Lyon.

Besides biophysics & computer sciences, my main interests lie in skateboarding & graphic design.


Mosaic Team

RDP Lab.

ENS de Lyon

46, allée d’Italie

69364 Lyon Cedex 07